About us

Our Mission

In our fast-paced lives, time moves swiftly, and we often yearn for more. At There is Theta, we believe in harnessing the passing of time to your advantage, specifically by earning money through time decay. Our mission is to provide knowledge and insights into time decay option trading strategies, also known as ‘Theta’, empowering you to make time your profitable ally in the trading world.

No Quick Rich Schemes, but Knowledge and Potential

Unfortunately there are no quick rich schemes or magical shortcuts on this website. Instead, we offer a wealth of information about time decay trading strategies, enabling you to optimize your potential to do well in the markets.

Time is constantly passing, and we view it as our ally in the world of trading. By harnessing the concepts of time decay and utilizing known strategies, you can navigate the market landscape more effectively. What you do find on this website is knowledge and insights to make informed decisions, maximizing your potential for success.

Our goal is not to promise overnight fortunes, but to empower you with the tools and understanding needed to thrive in the markets. We believe that by utilizing time as our ally and making well-informed choices, we can achieve positive outcomes.